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Terms & Conditions

A. Upon Contracting Go Style Balloons & Decorations, the Client is of the opinion that Go Style Balloons & Decorations and its personnel have the necessary qualifications, experience, and abilities to provide services to the Client.
B. Go Style Balloons & Decorations is agreeable to providing such services to the Client on the terms and conditions set out in this

Service Agreement
1. The client agrees to engage Go Style Balloons & Decorations to provide all or some of the following services (the "Services"): Design and install Balloon Decorations/Floral Arrangements/Decorations, and Event Planning. The scope of Event Planning services includes but is not limited to coordinating logistics, scheduling, and organizing various aspects of the event to ensure a seamless and well-executed experience for the client and their guests.
2. The Services will also include any other tasks which the Parties may agree on. Go Style Balloons & Decorations agrees to provide such services to the client.
3. Colour Matching Disclaimer: Go Style Balloons & Decorations will make every effort to match colors as agreed upon; however, due to variations in materials and other factors, discrepancies in design or color may occur. The client acknowledges that such discrepancies will not be grounds for dispute or non-payment. Go Style Balloons & Decorations will strive to provide the best representation of the agreed-upon design and color scheme.
4. We require access where possible at least 5 days ahead of the event to view the venue and confirm the booking details and order.
5. Payment Terms: A booking fee is required for all orders (and is non-refundable). The remaining balance MUST be paid in full, with the final payment to be settled at least 2 days before the scheduled event date, as noted on the invoice/receipt. The client acknowledges and agrees that failure to make timely payments may result in non-performance by Go Style Balloons & Decorations. We will be entitled to withhold further performance of this agreement (in whole or in part at our discretion) until all arrears have been paid by you.
6. Timing Assessment: For last-minute bookings, the timing of the final payment will be assessed on a case-by-case basis, subject to agreement by both parties.
7. Payment may be made by: Cash (GBP) in person to Go Style Balloons & Decorations on delivery or Bank Transfer. Payment by the client will mean acceptance of these terms & conditions.
8. Charges including delivery and collection will be quoted when your order is made.
9. In the event of a cancelled booking, you will automatically lose your booking fee. If the booking has already been paid for in full, then we will charge the following cancellation charges:
- A 50% cancellation charge from the whole amount and refund the difference if within 6 weeks of the date.
- A 75% cancellation charge from the whole amount and refund the difference if within 4 weeks of the date.
- A 100% cancellation charge from the whole amount within 2 weeks of the date.
10. If payment is not received within our terms and conditions, we will assume our services are no longer required.
11. In the event that the Client fails to make a timely payment as specified in this Agreement, a late payment charge of £15 (fifteen
pounds) shall be assessed for each day that the payment remains overdue. The Client acknowledges and agrees that this late payment charge is a reasonable estimate of the costs and damages incurred by the Service Provider due to late payments and is not a penalty. The late payment charge will accrue daily and will be added to the outstanding balance until the entire amount owed is settled. The Client further agrees that the late payment charge is a material term of this Agreement and is essential to the compensation of the Service Provider for the inconvenience and additional administrative costs incurred as a result of late payments.

12. Any unpaid charges will be passed to a collections agency who will act on behalf of Go Style Balloons & Decorations. Further charges will be added to your account to cover this cost and any associated legal fees in pursuit of recovering these charges.
13. Any alterations to the original order must be confirmed and agreed in writing with us and may be subject to an additional charge. Late amendments to orders are often possible, and every effort will be made to accommodate changes, but this cannot be guaranteed.
14. Balloons and decorations are for decorative purposes only. We will not be held liable for any accidents or injuries that occur due to misuse.
15. We are not liable for any discrepancies or damage caused by or to balloons and decorations once setup/delivery is completed. This includes damage to decorations/balloons caused by weather (i.e. sun or rain).
16. We reserve the right to refuse to decorate/deliver if, on the date of supply, use of helium or attachments to walls or ceilings, as
required by us, are disallowed by the venue. This will be classified as a cancellation.
17. We are not liable for any de-rigging /disposal of any waste decor or collection of equipment unless stated otherwise.
18. The client takes full responsibility for all supplied decorations (i.e. Backdrops, Artificial flowers, Chair covers). Any missing, soiled, or damaged items will be chargeable on collection.
19. We reserve the right to refuse full or part of the decoration if on the day of supply stated requirements are not met, i.e., no access to domestic electrical connection, venue space is not clear, use of ladders/tables not laid. Therefore this will be classified as a full or part cancellation.
20. We will not be held liable in the case of fire caused by the use of candles used in centrepieces.
21. We reserve the right to leave any decoration/delivery address if there is no access available at the time stated as agreed with the client/venue - this will be classified as a cancellation. It is the client's responsibility to confirm all details with the venue and get agreement with them prior to Go Style Balloons & Decorations attending to set up.
22. We reserve the right to take photographs of all our balloons/ decorations/flowers /deliveries to be used as a form of advertisement for future occasions.
23. Children must be supervised when using balloons, discard broken balloons immediately.
24. You as the client will be responsible for any loss or damage to our property - this includes from time of delivery and set-up at the venue until they are collected by our company personnel.
25. In the event this agreement is terminated by the Client before completion of the Services, Go Style Balloons & Decorations will be entitled to recovery from the site or premises where the Services were carried out, of any materials or equipment which is the property of Go Style Balloons & Decorations.
26. When Go Style Balloons & Decorations is contracted through an intermediary representing the client, it is understood that such
intermediaries are jointly and severally liable for adhering to the terms and conditions in this Agreement. These intermediaries must ensure the client's awareness and consent to these terms. Non-compliance may result in remedies sought from both the intermediaries and the client, as applicable. This clause is binding on all parties and forms an integral part of this Agreement.
27. It is agreed that there is no representation, warranty, collateral agreement or condition affecting this Agreement except as expressly provided in this Agreement.
28. In the event that any of the provisions of this Agreement are held to be invalid or unenforceable in whole or in part, all other
provisions will continue to be valid and enforceable with the invalid or unenforceable parts severed from the remainder of the

29. External Suppliers and Cooperation Agreement:
29.1. The Client acknowledges that Go Style Balloons & Decorations may enlist external suppliers, such as photographers, caterers, etc., to fulfil specific aspects of the Services.
29.2. Responsibility and Indemnification: It is understood that Go Style Balloons & Decorations is not directly responsible for the actions or failures of external suppliers. The Client agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Go Style Balloons & Decorations against any failure, damage, loss, or other issues caused by external suppliers engaged by Go Style Balloons & Decorations.
29.3. Direct Contracts and Liability: The Client understands that Go Style Balloons & Decorations does not have direct contracts with external suppliers, thereby absolving Go Style Balloons & Decorations from direct liability for their actions. Any disputes or issues with external suppliers should be addressed directly with the respective supplier.
29.4. Client-Supplier Agreements and Non-Liability: The Client is responsible for entering into separate agreements with external
suppliers for their services. Go Style Balloons & Decorations is not liable for any breach, default, or non-performance by external
29.5. Cooperation for Smooth Execution: The Client agrees to cooperate with external suppliers engaged by Go Style Balloons &
Decorations to ensure the seamless execution of the Services.
30. Jurisdiction: Any disputes arising out of or in connection with this Agreement shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the United Kingdom. The parties agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the UK courts, waiving any objections to venue or inconvenient forum.

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