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We have a large selection of colours and character/shaped Latex and Helium Balloons. Perfect for your event - from christening, to birthdays and weddings.

The images below are just a small % of available types and colours. See our Gallery for more examples


Please contact us for more details and to discuss your requirements.

Foil Balloons with Helium
Birthday & Occasion
Screenshot 2018-09-04_21-52-36.png
Character Foils
Screenshot 2018-09-04_21-51-17.png
Foil Numbers & Letters
Screenshot 2018-09-04_21-54-56.png
Screenshot 2018-09-04_21-58-13.png
Screenshot 2018-09-04_21-59-05.png
Latex Balloons
Standard Balloon Colours (Red, Yellow, Dark Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Pale Blue)
Metallic Balloon Colours (Gold, Silver)
Balloon Colours (Magenta, Burgandy, Purple, Blue, Teal, Emerald Green, Lime, Citrine Yellow, Mandarin Orange, Ruby Red, Black, Clear
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